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Making Social Impact: Workshops @ Shophouse

12 Sep 2019

UNFRAMED is made up of a community of social impact entrepreneurs, leveraging on their training academy and programmes to equip entrepreneurs with relevant and timely skills, mindset and resources to achieve the greatest impact in society and on the environment.

A learning and cross-sharing platform for change makers to share cause-specific knowledge and experiences, workshop participants get to take home new strategies and contacts crucial to sustaining their social impact. Hosted by UNFRAMED and Temasek Shophouse, Making Social Impact: Workshop@Shophouse is a safe space for change makers to huddle, converse and seek clarity through the engagement of peers and expert speakers in interdisciplinary fields.

Each session will feature a current / relevant cause-related topic, discussion of strategies and sharing of insights that affect the work of change makers.

Check Facebook for details closer to date.