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Temasek Shophouse Conversations

09 Apr 2021

Temasek Shophouse Conversations, launched in 2021, is a series of hybrid events that brings leaders from the public, private and community sectors together to forge multi-sector collaboration. The conversations seek to galvanise and propel communities to take action for the common good in the region and the world. The theme for the inaugural series is “Do Good Together”. The first Conversation in the series, held on 20 January 2021, focused on lessons learnt from COVID-19 in preparation for Disease X. For more information on Temasek Shophouse Conversations, click here to visit the website.

The second of the series is titled “Climate Action”, focusing on ‘Leadership in a Sustainability Journey’. This Conversation aims to effect an exchange of ideas amongst policymakers and stakeholders in environmental issues, and empower youths and the private sector to participate in the areas of climate action and sustainability. It will feature a dialogue with Sarwono Kusumaatmadja, former Minister of Environment, Republic of Indonesia and former Secretary General of the Golkar Party, plenary sessions focusing on youth activism and leadership in the journey to sustainability, and speakers from around the world including Prof Jan Peter Balkenende, former Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Dr Andrew Steer, President and Chief Executive Officer, World Resources Institute, Dr Ma Jun, Chairman, Green Finance Committee, China Society for Finance and Banking and Ireena Vittal, Corporate Advisor, Temasek International.