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Sustainability + Pottery Workshop

05 Jun 2022
Open to public, RSVP required

Come join us at Temasek Shophouse where Aida Khalid will be conducting a Sustainability + Pottery workshop.

In promoting the circular economy, one has to be concerned about the origins of the materials used and where they will finally end up. In creating pottery, clay is extracted from soil and has little impact on our environment. It does not release any toxic gas and is easy to recycle. This workshop will teach you the basics of pottery and have a better understanding of keeping our environment sustainable.

This workshop is part of the community engagement program in support of the Sustainability Design Showcase Exhibition at Temasek Shophouse.

For more details about the showcase exhibition: https://bit.ly/383SukD 

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About the trainer

Aida Khalid (b.1966, Singapore)

Aida Khalid is a design educator and registered architect who began her foray into pottery-making under the tutelage of master potter Dr Iskandar Jalil. Her experience in architecture and design education allows her to interweave both fields of expertise, whether it be embedding architectural nuances in her sculptural forms, or transmuting travel and place memories into pottery. A former national athlete in windsurfing, she has participated in ceramics and art exhibitions since 2011 and has previously been thrice featured in Ceramic Expressions since 2018.

Predominantly centred on exploring her cultural identity and Asian heritage, Aida draws inspiration from everyday objects and her surroundings for her work, while harvesting and using local clay in its purest form to create everyday pots and objects. The tactility of her work reflects the potter's intent to convey her experiences and encounters, while the organic, textured surface and materiality, as well as intertwining layers and gradations of colour all, draw attention to the process of making. She adopts an almost intuitive approach in exploring and experimenting with the form, structure and materiality of clay in her works, and constantly seeks to transcend the functional aspects of the pot and the limitations of the clay.

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