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Mission Blue: Conversation with Dr Sylvia A. Earle

16 Aug 2019

Temasek Shophouse is proud to support Ecosperity and their mission to balance the protection of the natural and human ecology.

Our oceans are one of the biggest driving force of life. They regulate the climate, stabilise temperatures, generate oxygen, and help shape the entire chemistry of our planet Earth.

However, our oceans are now in a fragile state. In the last 50 years, we have depleted more than 90% of the big fish species found in our seas. Nearly half of the coral reefs have also disappeared, coupled with a mysterious depletion of oxygen in large areas of the Pacific.

It was an honour to welcome award-winning oceanographer and founder of Mission Blue, Dr Sylvia A. Earle to Temasek Shophouse for a special edition of Ecosperity Conversations to learn why the oceans are a critical part of our ecology.