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Foreword by Chairman of the oscar@sg fund Grant Committee

Features 02 Sep 2020

We do not know when the current COVID-19 pandemic will be over, but we see each day evidence of its cumulative impact on our lives. And while we have weathered the storm well so far, we ought to know that its protraction and the enormous costs it has and continues to extract from our economy and society spells even tougher times ahead.

Beyond the more visible material challenges we face, we also face the less visible cumulative effect of the crisis on our mental state. Anxieties, fears and frustrations will take its toll if we do not recognise them and find ways to deal with them to ensure that we stay as positive as we can - individually and collectively - and stay resolute and resilient as one people. We need to continue to look out for each other, whether it is at home, in the neighbourhood, in the workplace or in civic action supporting segments in broader society like migrant workers, the homeless and the differently-abled. 

Singaporeans - individually, in groups, in organisations - have been doing just that over the past few months. At oscar@sg fund, we see this happening every week when we review the applications for support that come to us: from civic-minded individuals banding together to do something for their neighbourhood or at-risk families to existing NPOs and groups trying to sustain and even expand their programmes for the vulnerable who are more adversely impacted during this pandemic. They make SGUnited happen in their care and selfless actions for fellow Singaporeans. 

Set up by Temasek Trust in April 2020, the oscar@sg fund has received more than 190 applications to date. The nature of these initiatives are varied and evolving. During the initial phase, we received an overwhelming number of submissions to fund projects providing immediate relief like food and other basic necessities. Recently, we are seeing an uptick in projects addressing the mental and emotional well-being of those distressed by COVID-19. 

Just as activities hobbled during this period by the constraints on physical interaction moved increasingly onto the online realm, we also see many initiatives tapping on technology to reach and deliver what is needed in alternate and different ways. In this special newsletter edition, we are featuring five of our grantees, including those with innovative tech-enabled initiatives. We are very happy that oscar@sg fund has been able to play a part to support them in their efforts. 
Please stay safe and healthy - in body and in spirit. 
Benny Lim
Chairman, oscar@sg fund Grant Committee
Chairman, Temasek Foundation Limited Board