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Foreword by Temasek Trust Chairman

Features 04 Jan 2021

2020 has been a challenging year for us all in many ways. The COVID-19 pandemic has been termed the crisis of a generation, and has brought upon us much unanticipated uncertainty and difficulties. However, we realised that many opportunities can be found in the midst of a crisis. The challenges we faced as a nation mobilised Singaporeans from all walks of life to step up and do their part to help their fellow community members. Likewise, Temasek Trust has been fortunate to have many opportunities to do right and do good.

We fully recognise that many of the effects of the pandemic are here to stay. Additionally, as is the case with most crises, vulnerable members of our society have been more severely impacted. We have had the opportunity to support community needs via the oscar@sg fund, thanks to the generous seed donation of $10 million from Temasek, as well as more than $4 million additionally from generous donors and like-minded partners. The fund supports ground-up initiatives that meet urgent community needs arising from COVID-19 and has allowed us to serve those who are struggling amidst the pandemic. It has been an immense privilege for us to be able to serve the community at a time when help is most needed.

As we have worked to adjust ourselves to the new normal, Temasek Trust Conversation (TTC) 2020 was held virtually for the first time since its inception. While this way of engaging had its challenges, it also gave us an opportunity to involve more people and share our philanthropic insights with a larger audience. TTC 2020 continued our multi-year series themed “New Pathways of Philanthropy”. With the extensive impact and widespread disruption brought about by COVID-19, it was timely for us to discuss how we have reinvented, or continued to do good, in collaborative and creative ways during this pandemic.

Prior to COVID-19, we have had the opportunity to hold many meaningful events and engage with collaborators across our philanthropic ecosystem – co-working partners, civil society and government agencies alike. With the circuit breaker, Temasek Shophouse had to close its doors for a significant portion of the year, putting a halt to our planned events and exhibitions.

Thankfully, the improving health situation in Singapore has allowed us to move into a recovery phase. We have thus been able to reopen Temasek Shophouse and resume a few of our events, with health and safety measures in place, to connect with the community once again. In recent months, we have welcomed new co-working partners, held events and exhibitions supporting causes such as mental wellness, and have welcomed residents to collect their free mask kits provided under Temasek Foundation’s Stay Prepared StayMasked initiative. We are pleased to say that Temasek Shophouse is open for the general public to visit, and we look forward to welcoming you through our doors again soon.

I wish you continued health and safety, and look forward to your ongoing support on our journey of good.

Yours sincerely,
S Dhanabalan
Chairman, Temasek Trust