[ADVISORY] Temasek Shophouse updated opening hours. More Info


Temasek Shophouse is a social impact hub that seeks to encourage, enhance, and elevate initiatives and activities that contribute towards the common good. It is also the home to Temasek’s non-profit entities; Temasek Trust, Temasek Foundation and Stewardship Asia Centre.
Members of the public are most welcome to visit our Gallery at Level 1, where our community programmes are held. They can also enjoy our outdoor garden, located next to Stamford Canal, and a cuppa at our socially-conscious cafe on the same level.
Temasek Shophouse does not accept donations. Our purpose is to foster collaboration amongst change makers, catalyse advancements in sustainability and community, and champion different models of philosophy.
There may be relevant opportunities from time to time depending on our activities in the Temasek Shophouse. Contact us and we would love to discuss opportunities in this area.
Temasek Shophouse does not provide funding for organisations. Instead of receiving applications for support, we work in partnership with organisations with complementary expertise, resources or networks.
Temasek Shophouse provides event spaces for our co-working partners, as well as to non-profit and other partner organizations that align with our principle of programming in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Temasek’s Vision of ABC World. We regret that the space is not available for: Commercial events/activities Non-charitable/private events such as weddings or birthday parties
Please get in touch with us to book an event space. Our staff will review the e-mail request and inform you of eligibility and availability. Venue application form can be downloaded from here.
For non-profit organizations and social cause-related events, booking is available six months in advance.
Please refer to opening hours here Subjected to management review, events are permitted outside of these hours but may incur extra costs for staffing and building services.
Usage of the space is subjected to management review based on how the use of the space aligns with the principles of our programming as well as the resources needed for the type of event. Please get in touch with us to discuss on case by case basis.
Capacities are subjected to the nature and layout requirements of the event. Please get in touch to discuss in detail.
We regret that the use of meeting rooms are restricted for the usage of staff and co-working partners of Temasek Shophouse only.
We welcome like-minded social enterprises and non-profit organizations to join us as co-working partners at Temasek Shophouse. Get in touch with us to explore opportunities in this area.
Keep in touch with Temasek Shophouse’s latest updates via our website and facebook page.