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1. What is Temasek Shophouse?

Temasek Shophouse is a social impact hub that seeks to encourage, enhance, and elevate initiatives and activities that contribute towards the common good. It is also the home to Temasek’s non-profit entities; Temasek Trust, Temasek Foundation and Stewardship Asia Centre.


2. What areas of Temasek Shophouse are opened to the public?

Members of the public are most welcome to visit our Gallery at Level One, where our community programmes are held. They can also enjoy our outdoor garden located next to Stamford Canal, and a cuppa at our social enterprise cafe on the same level.


3. How can I get to know about your various activities and events?

Get Temasek Shophouse’s latest updates via our website and social media channels - we are on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.

1. Is my organisation eligible to receive funding through Temasek Shophouse?

Temasek Shophouse does not provide funding for organisations. Instead of receiving applications for support, we work in partnership with organisations with complementary expertise, networks, or venue and resources.


2. What are the types of collaboration opportunities available with Temasek Shophouse?

Being a non-profit organisation, we are open to meaningful collaborations to provide relevant outreach to the community. Please contact us to explore further.

1. Is my organisation eligible to hold an event at Temasek Shophouse?

As a social impact hub, we are committed to ensuring that all events conducted at our venue have a positive social impact on our community, involving important social or environmental causes that are relevant to Singapore’s society and needs. Events and programmes should be in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Temasek’s vision of an ABC (Active Economies, Beautiful Societies, Clean Earth) World. We welcome ground-ups, non-profits, social enterprises, charities and other various organisations to hold their events at Temasek Shophouse. We will assess the suitability of commercial events on a case-by-case basis.


2. What type of events and programmes can my organisation hold at Temasek Shophouse?

Talks and dialogues, workshops, networking sessions, community events, and exhibitions are some of the types of events we have held at Temasek Shophouse. You may refer to the ‘What’s Happening’ page for more information.


3. How do I book an event space at the Level One Gallery?

Please get in touch with us to submit your request to book the Gallery at Level One and provide some details about your event (e.g. event name, proposed date, number of attendees, programme etc.). We will send you a venue application form and will get back to you in the next few weeks after we have reviewed the application.


4. When should I submit a request to book the space?

Requests should be submitted two to four months before the event date to provide ample time to review and confirm the event.


5. Are there fees for using an event space?

There is a venue rental fee for the usage of the Gallery space. We may consider subsidising or waiving the fees depending on the nature of the events and applicant, on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch with us to find out more.


6. What is the capacity of the event space?

This is subject to the nature and layout requirements of the event. As a general guide, the current capacity is 50 pax for a theatre style set-up.


7. Can I book a meeting room?

We regret that the use of meeting rooms is restricted for the usage of Temasek Shophouse staff and co-working partners only.


8. How can I apply for a co-working space? Do I have to pay for it?

We welcome like-minded social enterprises and non-profit organisations to join us as co-working partners at Temasek Shophouse in the future. We will share any co-working opportunities on our social media channels as soon as they arise, so do keep a look out for them.

1. What’s the timeline for completion of the extension of Temasek Shophouse?

The design and restoration process will take place in phases and kick off in Q4 2022.


2. Why is Temasek Shophouse being expanded?

Since our launch in June 2019, we have catalysed over 100 events and reached out to over 64,000 people. Our expansion will enable us to meet the rising needs of a growing community of change-makers motivated to find innovative solutions to the world’s increasingly complex social and environmental challenges. With an additional ~4100 sqm of space for a total GFA of ~6400 sqm, we will be able to offer larger and more diverse spaces for events, exhibitions, and programming which will revolve around important social or environmental causes relevant to Singapore and beyond.


3. What are the shophouses being restored as part of the expansion of Temasek Shophouse?

The shophouses comprise the Tropical Modernist Shophouse at No. 38 Orchard Road, former Midfilm House at No. 22 Orchard Road, and the former Malayan Motors Showroom at No. 14 Orchard Road. They were built in 1937, 1921 and 1925, respectively.


4. Will the restoration work of expanding Temasek Shophouse affect your daily operations?

The current Temasek Shophouse at No. 28 Orchard Road will operate as per normal while restoration works for the adjacent units are taking place