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Temasek Shophouse to launch extension development project

News 27 Aug 2022

From left to right: No. 38 Orchard Rd, No. 28 Orchard Rd (current Temasek Shophouse), No. 22 Orchard Rd, and No. 14 Orchard Rd.

Restoration of adjacent gazetted heritage shophouses will expand social impact offerings
by Temasek Shophouse to meet rising needs of community   

SINGAPORE, 27 AUGUST 2022 – Temasek Shophouse, the social impact hub in the heart of Singapore, will be expanding to meet the rising needs of a growing community of change-makers motivated to find innovative solutions to the world’s increasingly complex social and environmental challenges. 

The current unit is at 28 Orchard Road, and the adjacent shophouses along the same stretch will be restored to honour their architectural heritage. These gazetted heritage shophouses will enable the Singapore-based social impact community to have a platform for collaboration and action. 

The row of shophouses comprise the Tropical Modernist Shophouse at No. 38 Orchard Road, former Midfilm House at No. 22 Orchard Road, and the former Malayan Motors Showroom at No. 14 Orchard Road. They were built in 1937, 1921 and 1925, respectively.   

The design and restoration process will take place in phases and commence in Q4 2022. Some of the key architectural features such as the façade and interior heritage gems will be carefully restored in these iconic heritage spaces, while retaining their unique characteristics. Sustainability features will be introduced for efficiencies and care for biodiversity and green spaces will also be important for the design outcome.  

“The restoration of the gazetted conservation shophouses adjoining an arts and civic area steeped in heritage and history reflects Temasek Trust’s commitment to preserve a part of Singapore’s heritage and enable it to be regenerative for the future. We hope to see Temasek Shophouse become a place where Public-Private-People sector collaboration catalyses the changes needed to address today’s most pressing and complex social and environmental issues,” said Ms. Cheo Hock Kuan, CEO, Temasek Trust.  

Since its June 2019 launch, Temasek Shophouse has been known as a cradle for social impact. It has catalysed over 100 events, engaged more than 64,000 people, and convened a vibrant community of change-makers to foster exchanges, forge new collaborations and create positive impact to advance the greater good.

The extension will add ~4100 sqm of space for a total GFA of ~6400 sqm, with larger and more diverse spaces for events, exhibitions, and programming which will revolve around important social or environmental causes relevant to Singapore and beyond. 

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About Temasek Shophouse

Temasek Shophouse is the home of Temasek’s philanthropic arm – Temasek Trust, Temasek Foundation and Stewardship Asia Centre – and like-minded co-working partners that are aligned with Temasek’s vision of an Active, Beautiful, Clean world, and commitment to sustainable development. Located in Downtown Orchard, Temasek Shophouse works closely with partners from the Public, Private, and People (3P) sectors to convene change-makers, foster collaborations and catalyse solutions for our society and planet. For more information, visit https://www.temasekshophouse.org.sg/  

About Temasek Trust

Established by Temasek Holdings in 2007, Temasek Trust is a steward of philanthropic endowments and gifts. It strives to deliver sustainable funding for the long-term well-being and security of our communities. Temasek Trust provides governance and financial oversight of endowments for Temasek Foundation, Stewardship Asia Centre, and Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory. The work at Temasek Trust supports a common purpose of doing good, uplifting lives, fostering inclusive communities, and advancing science & technology for a more liveable world. Temasek Trust strives also to inspire and enable giving, and to enable new pathways for philanthropy. For more information, visit https://www.temasektrust.org.sg

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